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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summers Here!

I don't have any new pictures. I have been very bad about taking the camera out of my purse but I must share. Last year Lily was not a happy water baby. Swimming lessons were a bit like torture. The above picture is one I took after telling her we were going to swimming lessons last summer. This year my good friend has been gracious enough to give swimming lessons at her moms pool. I went to our first lesson with the expectation that Lil and I would just hang back on the edge and watch. She refused to put on a swim diaper or a bathing suit. So she stood on the edge of the pool fully clothed and splashed. Then she saw a rather enticing toy and I told her we could go get it together. She was hesitant but then she said okay and in she went clothes and all. She floated on her tummy, put her mouth in the water, loved ring around the rosie (which is pocket ashes song in Lily speak), and even wanted me to continually throw her up in the air and catch her. Today we went swimming in our kiddy pool in a swim diaper. So she is coming around to the idea that water is fun. I am so excited.

One more story. On my last day of work I was getting into my car after loading Lily and all her necessities into the car. I sit in the seat turn on the engine to hear EAT come from the back seat. I go in the house grab some grapes and a juice cup and come back to the car. Hand mi princesa the grapes and hear crackers. I tell her she can have grapes and that we are going to get Nonnie coffee so she can have a muffin. Lily is alright with this hands me the grapes and says no like. We are driving a few minutes and I hear grapes come from the backseat so I hand her the bag and all is quiet. Then I see hand outstretched and no like it comes from the back. I take the grapes back and we continue. A few minutes later I hear a whole sentence. Mommy pancakes please. Wow a please! I tell her I'm sorry honey Mommy doesn't have pancakes. All is quiet again for a few minutes. Then at the top of her little lungs which I might add don't seem that little she yells PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed until tears were streming down my face. Sure honey let me just whip you up some pancakes here in the front seat.
Signing out for now servent mommy.

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