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Sunday, June 21, 2009


If you asked my daughter how to describe this little person seated next to her on this here swing she would without a doubt say "Aviana my be-est friend" There is always this sing songy way she says best. Whenever we go to someones house or to a park Lily asks if Aviana is going to be there. Aviana is truly my girls first friend. I have grandiose plans of sleepovers, and smores, and giggles about boys when I see these two play together. They are two peas in a pod. Aviana is the perfect amount of daredevil to make my girl do things her timid personality wouldn't normally do. Like go down a slide or sit her butt on a big girl swing. This family is my dream come true really we get along fabulously with Jen and Dave and our daughters are not only from the same country of birth but they also play so very well together. I asked Jen before doing this post because the last thing I would want to do is to add to her pain. Aviana and her papa were struck by a car this past week and Lily's sweet friend is fighting for her life. There has not been a minute of the day since I found out about this tragic event that I have not been thinking of my friends. So in posting this I just ask for your prayers for Aviana and her family.


aamayna said...

Oh my...I read her blog and it is so so tragic. Didn't realize you guys knew them. Of course, we are sending every ounce of positive energy/thought/ prayer to them in this time of need. Please keep us updated. Mayna has a friend just like this, Abby.

Jen Hodder said...


Thank you so much for posting. Everything about it was absolutely perfect! She WILL make it through and then we WILL carry on with all of our plans for them and us : )



Kelly said...

Ever since finding Jen's blog from Becca on FB I have been thinking and praying for Avianna. I had a feeling you all were freinds and I am so so sorry for Lilly's best friend. Love to you all!!!!!!Do you think it would be okay to post her blog on my blog anfd ask others to do the same just to get more prayers coming there way? Let me know on FB.

Hannah said...

I will keep them in my prayers..I hate to see a family struggle with such pain.

Leslie said...

Just precious!

Leslie said...

OMG i just got home from Vacation can you please send me the info on what happened? IM praying for them!!!