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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My heart swelled with pride today. My girl proved herself to be a rockstar.
I was given a reccomendation for a lady who works with young children and horses. She runs a daycamp for 5 and under. The children learn about the animals, how to do chores, they get eggs from the chicken coop and ride horses. I am not talking ponies you see at the fair, but the real deal. I have mentioned before that Lily is very timid. She does not like strangers talking to her, about her, or even near her. When we go to functions with others she will sit on my lap for a minimum of 30 minutes and observe before she will get down and play. If you try to push her before she is ready the process takes much longer, so on play dates by the time we're leaving my child is ready to play. Now if there is an animal of any kind around she is like a different child. She forgets her timid ways and off she goes. It doesn't matter how big the animal is either she has not met one she didn't like. (which at times I might add is very scary for Mommy!) So today we just went to get a feel for this place to see if it was something we were interested in. Most children just observe the animals and maybe brush them and then come back for another visit or two before jumping into horse riding. But not my child..............
A little grooming

I love the difference in size.
Lily refuses to wear any kind of head gear but if a horse is involved it is no problem.

Getting ready to get on.

Carrie was very worried she was going to freak out. She didn't expect her to be on long at all. She told me she would hold onto her and bring her down when she was ready.

Lily wasn't ready to get down so she took her around the arena. No one is holding her she doesn't have a belt around her waist my heart is beating a little faster here.

Then she took her hand off the handle. Carrie tried to get her to take both hands off but she just switched hands. She wasn't quite ready for that yet.

So we're not doing the daycamp cause it's three hours which I think is a little long, but we are going to spend once a week getting some lessons. Go Lily go!
On a side note after riding this very large animal the hose scared the daylights out of her. I just had to chuckle!


aamayna said...

Oh man, I wish we had something like that close! Mayna LOVES horses! If I put one of her horsey t-shirts on her, it brightens her day. She too, loves the animals and would be all about that!

Did you cut her hair or did I miss a post? It is adorable! I wish my hair would do that!

Hannah said...

That is awesome! Love it, I am so glad she did so well.

Love her hair, it looks so cute!

Leslie said...

I seriously need to get abbys hair cut again!! LOVE lilys hair!!

SHE needs a horse mom!!! LOL

Im off for vacation till the 22nd..I will miss you!


Rhonda said...

Oh how fun. We need something like that too. LOVE her hair :-) Happy weekend.