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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beach babe

Today we took a little road trip to one of our favorite places on the California coast. It is called Stinson Beach and is very near San Francisco.
On our way down the twisty road we always must stop to take a peek at the view.
I like this series of pictures because it truly captures the essense of Lily. She is my bee bop and I love her to pieces.
Always takes a little while to warm up.

Taking a few steps out on her own still holding on tight.

Out on her own.

And back again. No one said it would be so cold.

And back to her comfort zone trusty tags in hand. Night night bee bop.


aamayna said...

How sweet! I wish we lived near the beach!! Cute suit on her! Where did you get it?

Rhonda said...

How fun! Wish we were a little closer to Va Beach but it's so worth the drive. She is soooo adorable and what a cute suit. Happy weekend.

Leslie said...

I LOVE the beach!!!! i love her suit sooo cute!

Hannah said...

I love the beach pictures. I swear every time I see her she is even more beautiful!

Pineapple Princess said...

SO adorable! Cute suit, too!

Yes, it's been SO cold at the beach lately!