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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am truly not good at this when I take photos my blog is like an addiction I must post them right away! But when I saw this first photo I knew it was going to be my FFF post it was hard for me not to share it. Lily decided it might be a good idea to throw sand on her head and Peter happened to catch it. I assure you this was a one time only occurance. She felt the consequences immediately. Luckily none got in her eyes! It made for a really cool shot!
I had to post this one too such a sweet smile.


aamayna said...

She has a perfect smile (and great teeth!)

Rhonda said...

OH MY GOODNESS, how incredible is that picture or what!!! Happy weekend. Rhonda

Hannah said...

Great picture! She is always so beautiful, I'd have trouble not posting the pictures too :)

Kim & Dave said...

Very cute! & what a great shot!!

Leslie said...

She is just a doll even when throwing sand! lol


MICHELLE said...

Awesome picture, she is just absolutly beautiful. Hopwe you have a wonderful weekend.