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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bud light at school?

Funny story. Today I packed my lunch like every day. If you know me I am a creature of habit. I could seriously eat the same lunch, breakfast for a year. So every day I bring a coke zero to work with me. I am a first grade teacher. That bit of info is important for this story. So I walk into my room and go to my fridge to put my lunch in and pull out a bud light. Apparently a certain 3 year old did some rearranging in my fridge at home and daddy's bud light somehow made it into the soda box. My teacher friends and I had a good laugh and luckily no one drove me to the brink and it stayed tucked away in my purse today. I had a long meeting after work and was so tempted to crack it at the meeting just for a reaction. I am a chicken though.


Leslie said...

OMG how funny!!!!!!!!! I would have had to open it if i was a teacher!!!! LOL


Jen said...

That's so funny! I probably would have opened and taken a sip before I realized it was different :)

Robyn said...

That is hilarious!!

Rhonda said...

oh that is crazy funny!

Vanessa said...

LOL!! Maybe that three year old knew how rough of a day you'd have!!LOL!