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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, January 19, 2009

Aunt Sandy

Peter's Aunt Sandy is visiting us. she lives on a small island off of the coast of Spain called Menorca. Why we are not visiting her is still unclear. Her neck of the woods seems a little more enjoyable to me. She came to help celebrate Peters Mom's birthday. We have enjoyed the last few days together.
Grandpa Tim and I
Lily wanted to join the love fest.
The gang. Peter's Aunt is sitting on the couch she says it is cold on Menorca right now so our 68 degree January weather is very pleasant.

Just wanted to show off my girls sweet haircut as I have not gotten a good shot of it yet.


Vanessa said...

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of her stay!!

Leslie said...

Have fun with your family!!!

Lily's hair soooo pretty!!!


Rhonda said...

How awesome and soooo fun. Would love to visit Spain some day. ENJOY this special time.