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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh so soft

I have to note that a sticker chart is quite the miracle solvent for my family. I haven't had an argument in the morning since we started the chart. I am a much happier mama this week. Lily is saying some pretty funny stuff lately so of course I must record it here. The other day Lily was taking a bath and I was using the phone. I dropped it and said oh no. Lily said what the matter mommy. I told her what happened and she said Oh, what a shame. She also says I gotta think about that, quite often. She was reading to herself the other day she closed the book and said I'm gonna sink(think) about that. And todays funny yet horrifying story is this. Lily has a slightly runny nose. Not the kind your constantly wiping like a faucet she's just slightly stuffy. So we went to the mall to meet a friend and we were shopping. She kept rubbing clothing on her face and saying oh so soft. I thought nothing of it. Then she wiped her nose on a shirt and said much better. I stopped frozen horrified yes my friends she had been wiping her nose on new clothing all day long. And that my friends is why you must wash your clothing before wearing it.


Princess D said...

Ewwww! There is something to think about. I recently found what I like to call a "Booger Hall of Fame" on the bathroom wall. Sticker chart is a fantastic idea my teacher friend. I will be trying that soon.


Kelly said...

OH Man I never thought about that!!!!!lol To quote Lilly, I'll have to think about that. LOL

Rhonda said...

LOL, oh how I laughed and laughed and laughed and I so wish the sticker chart would have worked for my girls.