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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation Toddler Cooperation

So wish me luck in trying to tame my Mayan Lion. We started operation toddler cooperation today and it went really well, but tomorrow is the true test cause I will need to wake her up for work. She has three jobs her hair, get dressed and get in the car. She gets a sticker on her chart for each completed job and earns an M&M for each sticker once we are in the car. I was seriously debating the food reward but seriously I don't think three M&M's a day could possibly cause any serious damage.


Rhonda said...

Nope, not thinking 3 M&M's are going to hurt either and quite frankly, I'd give the WHOLE bag to get EMILY to get potty trained!!!!!

Maya and Maria said...

OMG! I have SO got to try that! Maya is getting better, but she still has her rough spots, and morning routine is the worst!! She fights those same exact 3 tasks each morning. More so the ones where Eric is in charge, which is getting dressed and in the car. She's doing ok with the hair thing, as I do that part, until I find tangles, of course. Gotta get some stickers!!