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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

Only rarely do I get pictures that capture the true essence of my Lily.
When she came out of her bedroom in her 4th of July dress and added her Thomas boots I knew it was a moment I must get the camera for.
I am so happy I did!
When I look back and try to remember exactly what she was like at 4
I need only look here.
That's my Lily no descriptive words needed.

The Fourth was perfect in my book.
It was a day spent with my family.
No big bash it was low key and just as I wished it to be.
Lily even indulged me with a photo shoot.
Well really it cost me a mater pez dispenser.
Small price to pay for some adorable pictures.

I like the way the shadows play in this photo.
She picked this spot cause her feet were on fire!

Notice her socks.
There are some battles not worth waging.

Blurry Picture but I like it anyway.

We went over to my parents house and had a BBQ and then moved on to see some fireworks. We were not planning to see fireworks.
I was wearing an outfit I normally wouldn't be caught dead in.
Peter was not a fan of the idea.
They were not the best fireworks,
but turned out to be perfect none the less.
One of those nights where you feel just happy to be alive.
And so very lucky to be traveling with these people I call my family.
I've felt lucky a lot lately.
Not because anything extraordinary has happened.
Not because my problems have mysteriously disappeared.
Not because I've suddenly become rich.
Just because ordinary is just truly perfect.
This is her very first icy.
It goes along with our All American Theme.

I am pretty sure she approved.


Hannah said...

Those are ADORABLE!! She has SO much personality! I just love seeing it shine through :)

Hannah said...

I forgot to add...

LOVE her bathing suit!! SO cute!

I felt the same way at our was just too perfect.

Gardenia said...

what a lovely hair bow!! I had to say. she's a sweetie, love her silliness with the thomas the train boots. and I chuckled about not fighting some battles. I hear ya!!

Anonymous said...

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