Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Vacation ~ Santa Cruz (beach)

Lily calls the beach "my sandbox." I can not bring myself to correct her. It just makes me smile too much when she asks if we are going to her sandbox. We stayed in a place called pleasure point in a residential area. We rented a studio behind a mans house for a few days. He is a surfer and his mecca was just a few steps away. I am pretty sure this particular man has it made. He seemed to have no job other than surfing to his hearts content. He rents out a studio year round and then lives off of the profit. Now none of this is confirmed perhaps he was on vacation who knows but I'd like to think he leads the perfect surfer life. So via our personal surfer boy we found the perfect beach. Not the one crowded with tourists, but the ones the locals keep a secret. We climbed down some stairs waded through some waves and wallah we were in heaven. Hundreds of surfers to our right and left and a beach all our own with only a few people to share it with.

I love this suit.

And ruffle butt pictures must come with this suit.

Peter and I tried very, very hard to get Lily to dip her toes in the ocean.

It was a valiant effort full of giggles.

Daddy also had a crack at it.

She may have felt a splash of water with her daddy.

But in the end we brought our sandy feet home to a nice warm bath.
I am sure we will make another valiant effort next year.
It is after all a tradition.


Leah and Maya said...

well you tried! all kids are so different you might be happy she's a bit timid when she's 16!

Princess D said...

Dani and Lily have matching little yellow suits. She is gorgeous. You guys look so happy. Love the pics.

Hannah said...

That is so cute and funny. We could not keep Sophia out of the ocean. She had NO fear at all...which was scary to her mother.

Anonymous said...

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