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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking Control

Have you ever had a person of power take advantage of you....
It is a stinky feeling that I just experienced.
I moved from my last rental home
I cleaned until my back hurt and my shoulders ached.
I left the house with a smile.
Last week I recieved a letter in the mail
from my landlord
who happens to be a lawyer.
saying I left the house in deplorable conditions.
Saying when entered it stunk of pee and poo
The carpets needed to be replaced the concrete floor should be sanded and sealed.
The grass was so damaged it cost $500 to fix.
The documentation was all in place
it was signed and sworn under the penalty of perjury to be true.
I knew my home did not smell of pee and poo.
I knew I did not destroy the carpet.
he was a lawyer my word against his.
I felt lost
I even wondered for a moment if maybe unaware to me
my house did smell of pee and poo?
Should I pay him for damages I did not do
should I wait for him to take me to court
where perhaps he would sue my for more....
So I lost some sleep
And then I remembered I am smart
I am powerful
I am honest, truthful, and cleanly :0)
So I drove back to my old neighborhood
I held my camera over the fence
I snapped some pictures
expecting the window on the camera to defeat me once again
instead I found the same brown patch of lawn smiling back at me
BROWN grass never looked so good
it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that
someone was lying
the man who swore under oath that brown lawn was fixed
under oath that damages cost $500 dollars to fix
committed perjury
makes all accusations void under CA law.
I am no richer I do not expect money to come my way
I got something more
my power back!!!!!
Oh and a lesson that you must always document
take picture picture picture
before you leave a rental unit.
I know silly me expecting people to be honest.


Jen said...

Deplorable Condition...what a crock!! Jerk, forgot who he was messing with!

I am so happy that you found your power and rocked it with such force.

You are awesome and I loved reading that story. The story of the man trying to hurt the honest, cleanly people!

I learned a new word through your note. CLEANLY...I love it! Oh, and you too :o)

Jen said...

I forgot to talk about one of my very favorite sentences deep within your blog note....

And I quote, "I even wondered for a moment if maybe unaware to me my house did smell of pee and poo?"

Oh, now that is hilarious!

Princess D said...

I have been to your house and all of this is a bunch of BS. I was impressed and visually noted how CLEAN your house was when I was there LOL

Gardenia said...

you go girl! we need to stand up for what is truth!

Leah and Maya said...

that just stinks that you even had to deal witht he stress of this. I had this happen to me before too accept it was an apartment which was spotless even the window seals its just crap. Way to go!

Hannah said...

Good for you. You are one smart and tough lady...he can't scam you.

dfadf said...

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