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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 7, 2007

San Francisco

Peter and I just took a little road trip to San Francisco. We stayed overnight near pier 39 and just walked around and did the touristy thing. We took Lily to an aquarium to see the "ishshshsh." (Her words) Although she was more interested in the fact that her little feet can carry her from place to place than she was in the actual living creatures.

This sequence of photos was Lily's favorite thing about pier 39. Proof that there is something for everyone in Sanfrancisco. She walked over the metal and around and back and repeated the procedure. I think we may still be there had we not distracted her.

We also stopped for a cheerios break in golden gate park. Cheerios and graham crackers I am learning are truly the magic elixer. They keep you in good spirits in shopping carts, malls, strollers and even on vacation. Who knew!

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Sophia said...

Lily seems to have figured out that walking thing pretty well! I can't believe how big she looks! I hope we can get her and Maya together again some day. I was looking through our Guatemala photos and reliving all the fun we had. How about if we let you know when we go to Guatemala to pick up Maria and you can just meet us at the Marriott again?!