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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Fun

So Easter began a little rocky. As any event can that includes a 3 1/2 (the half is very important) and a nearing 2 year old. Ava is Lily's cousin, well if you ask her they are sisters, either way she joined us for our Easter fun. So Saturday evening we came together to color eggs. Which I apparently do not know how to hard boil because Lily cracked one open and it was goo on the inside. But it isn't really about eating the egg is it?

So as you can see the egg coloring went over really well. Lily was mad she couldn't drink the dye and Ava was upset that not all the eggs were hers. Eventually they both lost interest and my mom and I colored some very sad soft boiled eggs.
However today was just precious. Lily's first Easter here in our family was all we could ask for, except that Daddy worked a double and we haven't seen him yet. Although we were missing a very important member of our family the day was one to remember.

When I gave Lily her Easter basket she hugged it tight and rocked back and forth like she does with all her favorite toys. It wasn't until it tipped over that she discovered there was more inside.

Ava and Lily hunted for eggs. Truth be told Ava hunted for eggs and Lily tried desperately to be carried around like a princess. She was however delighted when Ava placed an egg in her basket.

Here is the pro egg hunter of the family. She looks just to cute in all her Easter glory.

When we were finished with our Easter egg hunt we took a drive to Land Park where we fed the ducks. Well Ava fed the ducks and Lily ate the bread.

Are they not the sweetest. I love my family.

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