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Thursday, November 20, 2008

FFF for crying out loud!

Why can I not have my way all the time!
Who are you people to tell me what to do. I am 3 after all!
The theme this week is some sad faces. I haven't participated in awhile but when I saw this shot I knew I would just have to post it. On a side note when she found that I was taking pictures she stopped her tantrum to ask to see it and after I showed it to her she would pick up where she left off. It only made her more upset that I found this to be amusing. And I think she is making this face because you don't get a treat when you pretend to go potty on the potty. Oh, the drama I tell you, the drama.
To see some more sad and adorable faces go to kiss the frog 4 me.


Leslie said...

OH yes thats is a mad girl right there!!! Those Latino tempers are crazy!!! LOL

CUTE girl!


Terri said...

Wow! I bet she was really mad in that pic! Funny and cute picture!!!

ClarkFamily said...

OOOOH - she is one mad little lady! I am sure getting her way would be so much easier but you would never get a photo like that! It is great and she is cute no matter what she's doing! Thanks for sharing & Have a great weekend!

Hugs from MN!
Rebekah - Jaden - Baby#2 too!

Rhonda said...

Great picture!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hannah said...

She looks so mad. That is too funny! Mad or not, she is a beautiful girl!!


One Busy Momma said...

Ha! Such anger in that cry! But wow... how quickly they can turn it off! Almost as quickly as they turn it on! ;)
3 year olds are soo much fun!

Sarah said...

She is too funny!! Stopping to check the camera before continuing! Crazy kid!

Robyn said...

Too funny!! They sure know how to turn the tears off and on!!

Vanessa said...

That has Drama QUEEN written all over it! LOL!! She's too cute!