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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A mothers desperation

Okay so I have reached a new point of desperation when it comes to potty training. On Thursday Lily went Potty on the potty at Miss Wendy's house. Can I hear a big WAHOOOOOOOOOOO! So now I at least know that she is aware that it is more than just her singing spot. Today I let her pick out her own pull ups and panties all on her own. I knew what the result would be. I offered up nice respectable girlie panties and princess pull ups. As you can see my desires were vetoed and here is the result.

And yes the pink fluffy background is all about me.


Leslie said...

LOL at long as she goes on the potty who cares what she wears mom! LOL


Sarah said...

And kudos to you for letting her be a kid and choose whatever she likes!!

Laurie said...

That is too funny. What an independent little spirit!