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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guatemala Get Together!

So all you East coast peeps whom I have been stalking your blogs, you have all inspired me to have a Guatemala get together. You all seem to get together often. The weather worked against me and it rained so the event had to be moved from a park to my house. I am not a social butterfly putting together an event is way out of my character, but I think it is important to keep Lily connected to other children who share her heritage. I am so happy that I did it and hope to get together again. Here are some pictures of the sweet Guatemalan friends in my area. As you can see the train table was a hit!

Chase and Lily waited in Guatemala during the same time period. They both turned 3 recently. Wish you could see his cute face but he is way too quick. This is Maya. Her mommies blog is one I frequent often nice to meet them in person. Hopefully we will get to enjoy a sunny park day soon.
This is a familiar sweet face so glad our friend Sofia could join us. Seriously she is a Guatemodel in the making.

This is Oscar he is way too cute and Barack Obama held him in his arms. He is famous ya know.

Almost captured a shot of my girls future husband. Just kiddin but he would be a catch!

And here is the best shot of sassy pants that I could get today. She shared her toys pretty well had a few meltdowns but all in all I think she did pretty good for an only child.

See I wasn't kidding Oscar is famous. Here he is with the next, fingers crossed, president of the United States.


Mimi and Clyde said...

Thank you for putting this together and offering your home. We had a great time today meeting everyone.

Ruthie said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. The kids are adorable! I wish we were closer to you. Although...we're not that far away. We live in Oregon so maybe one day, we will meet. Your daughter is adorable and you seem like a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT week, Sarah!

P.S. - Did you know you can now add a button for people to follow your blog? I just added one to mine. It's kind of cool. I would totally follow yours if you add one. :)

Kelly said...

What'chu talking bout? You know that Barack is the next president :) It looks like fun was had by all meltdowns and all.

Rhonda said...

What a fun time. We love it when we can get to the Guatemala get togethers ;-)

Lilipie's Mommy said...


Tag, you're it! :) Check out my blog for more details.