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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had an awesome day just the three of us. We made yummy food sang and danced and played games. Just what we needed to feed our bodies and souls. And my little darling gave me lots to be thankful for. I don't know if I should admit it yet for fear to jinx it but my girl wore panties all day today without a single accident. Not only that but she had no need for treats after using the potty.
Stuey also felt rather sleepy after his Thanksgiving treats.

That looks pretty yummy!

Lily could not get enough of the marshmellow yams.
This is her super full tummy. The picture does not do it justice.
Fun on the kitchen floor.

We had a little photo shoot her are some of the out takes. I love this one.
I wish this didn't turn out blury but our camera isn't made for a wiggle worm. She was super cooperative during the picture taking extravaganza cause I told her she could have a lollipop when we were done. She calls them Lilypops which is funny cause she calls herself wiwy but Lilypop comes out clear as day.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did!


Leslie said...

Awwww i love your photoshoot pics ...sooo cute!!!


Tracy'sspace said...

She is so cute, I love the full tummy pic!

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Your pup is too cute!! We have 2 Yorkies!! :)

Hannah said...

What great pictures!! Love the photo shoot, what a great idea!

Isabella's mom said...

what a nice time Happy Thanksgiving, cute dog@


Vanessa said...

Love the photos!!

Rhonda said...

LOVED seeing the pictures. They are soooo adorable. The puppy is toooooo cute! Glad it was a great Thanksgiving.

Leslie said...

I think you are FAB and i have a award for you go to my site and pick it up!!!!


Kelly said...

Great photos!!!!Your food looked as yummy as ours was!!!!!