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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Okay three posts in one day what gives? I just watched the acceptance speech of our new president and cried four days later than most of you. I am proud to have a president Obama. He may not do all the things we hope for. But just being elected has broken so many boundries. My daughter will never remember a day when a black man wasn't president. That my friends is profound. She, in our new America can become anything she wants. Thank you Obama for giving us all an America to be proud of. I saw this quote on a blog I frequent and just had to post it here too.

Rosa sat so Martin could walk,
Martin walked so Barack could run,
Barack ran so our children can fly.

Today in this America, my dearest beetle bop, anything is possible. Set your goals high so I can watch you fly!


Rhonda said...

VERY VERY VERY proud indeed. We have told all of our children to reach for the sky, there's no limit and the election night proved that!!!

Kelly said...

Its just soooooooo awesome. Love this post!!!