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Friday, May 20, 2011


My friend Jen did a post about all of her idiosyncrasies.

It was so much fun to read.

Nice to know we all have quirks :0)

In college I met the sister I always wanted.

She was taller than me :0)

I really like that about her because I always felt so tall and awkward.

Anyways, I'm off topic,

We both have brown hair and are tall.

People used to ask when we were younger

if we were sisters.

One time we went out to dinner

and the girl who was in the middle of carding us

looking at our different last names

and different birth dates

asked if we were twins.

Monica always got hit on way more than me in college

I always felt a bit like chopped liver,

even though, most of the men were no one you'd want to give your number t0

one night such an occurrence was happening

I was sitting at the table drumming my fingers

wanting our unwanted company to leave.

Feeling dejected and a bit like the ugly duckling

I asked why she thought all the fine fellows only spoke to her.

She rolled her eyes and said, Did you see his gold teeth?

One more Monica story

We lived in an apartment together after college

the apartment had a foul smell one evening.

I could not stand it. So I got out my best smelling

bath and body spray

Monica came out and asked what I was doing

I told her and she said

Sarah that smell is gas

guess we had a small gas leak.

When I say things or do things

like the above gem

My husband says

Aw honey, your so pretty.

I know I've made some sort of blunder

I have zero sense of direction

I lived in the same town for at least 20 years

and could still get lost.

One time in college I went out for drinks

There was this place specialized in long island ice teas.

They tasted like jolly ranchers

I had 2

and could not find my way home.

Luckily I was being driven home and he helped me figure it out.

Before starting my blog I found religion, at least the western kind

an excuse to label others

it felt mean spirited.

While attending church

during high school

I told a very good friend that he was a sinner.

Its embarrassing

I've apologized profusely.

who am I to judge.

At this point I turned my back on religion

not on god, but church and such.

Then I started reading blogs

and people were doing these amazing things

driven by their faith.

It makes my heart happy that I was wrong.

Or at least looking in the wrong place.

Thank you to all these amazing woman

who walk the walk and talk the talk

you amaze and inspire me.

When I am relaxing I put my left hand up and

place it on my chin

a nice place to rest my weary head

I can't hold my husbands hand cause I would have to remove my hand from my face.

I have 2 dogs

both of them are here because I fought tooth and nail to get them here.

If left to me they would never be fed and poop would fill our yard

Thank you to that guy I married

He's a catch

I also fought tooth and nail to bring a little princess home

but I do remember to feed her :0)

almost always.

The other day my mom told me Lily was not feeling well

She seemed just fine to me.

The next morning I was standing in the kitchen

and all of a sudden said shit!!!

I know why Lily wasn't feeling well

I forgot to feed her breakfast.

Mom of the year award

I'm sure it's coming my way.

I've learned in the last few years that home

is where your family is

I don't live in a fancy house

or a fancy neighborhood

but I have 2 of the best people I know

I'd take them any day over fancy.

The day before our orientation for the adoption agency we used

I went to a nearby nail salon and got my eyebrows waxed.

The next day I woke up with a horrid eye infection.

One of my eyes was REALLY puffy itchy and scaly

I looked a bit like I'd been beat up.

Whats a girl to do I wasn't gonna miss that meeting.

I got curious looks and an eyebrow raised

what happened?

from the coordinator.

I'm sure eyebrow wax catastrophe wasn't what she guessed.

I am once again an avid reader thanks to a kindle app on my phone

I stopped reading the first years Lily was home

I love love my teeny tiny kindle.

I am blind as a bat.

It took me years to admit I couldn't see.

When I was first married Peter convinced me to go see the eye doctor.

The eye doctor is a nice man who has a thick accent.

He laughed at me for a good minute cause I thought I could see.

For at least a year or 2 after that when I would go to see him

he would giggle like a school girl and say

ha ha ha you the girl who thinks she can see ha ha ha.

Not at all embarrassing.

Just for your information I KNOW I make so many errors in this blog.

I swear I spellcheck and read and reread.

Then I'll go back through and there will still be so many errors.

You win some you loose some.


Anonymous said...

And Lily tells me -I'm silly

Hannah said...

This was AWESOME! I think we might be long lost cousins. I had that friend too, the one that no matter what she would get hit on. I thought I was the ugliest thing ever.