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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forever Family Day #5

This child has been home 5 years,

...Yes 5

Where did the time go?

When she came home she couldn't sit up

she stared forever at her hands

turning them back and forth back and forth

I am pretty sure just to block me out:0)

and when she wasn't enthralled with her hands

she was sleeping and sleeping....

Now she is this forever changing little person

sometimes she drives me crazy

sometimes she is one very large whine

but even in those times I am so happy she is mine

My daughter

A girl that is the perfect fit

she completes my little family
I will never tire of the endless I love yous

The way she cuddles

the way she says the same thing before bed each night

the way her socks never EVER match her outfit

How there is only one way she'll wear her hair.

When I dreamed of my daughter

My dream never ever could have touched reality

For our anniversary we usually go out of town

but when asked what Lily wanted to do

she wanted to stay home

and have Nonnie and papa over for dinner.

The day was a bit too nice to stay home

so we went to the zoo

We love the zoo

baby tiger came too

It was the perfect family day

Then we came home and ate dinner

and then topped it off with not one but 2 desserts.

An Itty Bitty Cake

And our very first smores!

Complete with our Nonnie and Papa


Melinda said...

Happy Forever Family Day!! Looks like it was just perfect!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest picture of her EVER! Congratulations I am so happy for you guys. You make such a beautiful family. I am so happy you had such a happy day! I love the cake ;o)

Leah and Maya said...

Happy Family Day #5!!!!!
looked like a wonderfully perfect day! what a cool cake she had.

Mimi and Clyde said...

Happy Forever Family Day you guys. I passed your car on my run through the park and just knew that Miss Lily had requested an excursion to the zoo. Looks like it was a perfectly, perfect day for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am the luckiest Nonnie to have such a beautiful
Family and granddaughter. Just feel so blessed
by her...

Hannah said...

Happy FFD #5!! This totally made me tear up. I just love your description of perfect and full of love. I had to smile at the socks not matching :) Love her!