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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mothers Day

This was my mothers day present.

It was a brilliant gift

made by my husband

at my request.
He brought my vision to perfection.

Have I ever mentioned how very timid my girl is

getting her to try new things sometimes is like moving a mountain

Look at that face......

Previous to this face there was a lot of tears

lots of talk about not wanting that swing in her tree
then more crying and ranting

it'd be very humorous if you weren't her mother I'm sure

as her mother I've learned through trial and error

when to push and when to hold back

so here is the little push



a small smile...

another little nudge in the right direction

And there we go

she likes it !

She now offically has conquered the big girl swing!

She can get on it on her own

and better yet she's learned to pump her legs.

And was excited to go to school and show her friends her

new talent!!

Thank you daddy for the perfect mother's day gift!


annette said...

I pray for more sunny days. So I can try it out.
Love you guys

aamayna said...

Beautiful post! Glad to be here .... thinking of doing the same myself (private that is).