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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers Day Tea

Yesterday I took a half a day off

to enjoy a mothers day tea with Lily

The above picture is of Lily in front of her school

she seems to be getting bigger every time I turn around

but in this picture she looks so tiny

I like getting my baby fix every once in a while

The tables were set up just right for tea

They sang us two songs

I teared up cause they are all just so dang cute

I'm gonna be embarrassing at graduation in a few weeks

Guess I'll need a box of tissues

then they read the card that they made

Lily was one of two children that read their card aloud

in front of an audience

it was a proud mama moment
she said she likes to go grocery shopping with me

which is funny

cause she is a pain in the arse when grocery shopping

when I tell her were going there is a lot of whining involved

she so does NOT like grocery shopping :0)

After the songs they gave us a present

A painted little plaster hand print

it is adorable

then we decorated a cupcake together

I think it may have been for me

but she ate it

the nerve :0)

Then Miss Amber took some pictures of the two of us

I love these pictures

My favorite part of the day was
that I got to meet Paxton
and see the two of them together
he comes up a lot in our house
I got some really good pictures
I think I got in trouble for posting pictures
of some children without asking
I thought I did ask but I asked only once
years ago
guess I should have asked again :0)
Anyways I didn't get to ask Paxton's mom
so you will just have to know that he makes her smile
light up
I'm so sad they won't see each other again
That is the down side to finding her a preschool so far away
I hope she finds a child in kinder who is just as special to her
I am sure she will


pureheaven said...

Mother's Day Tea---that is so sweet! I hear ya on the box of tissues...Evelyn "graduates" from preschool next week and I am already tearing up. Very sweet pictures. Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Leah and Maya said...

Wow what an awesome day! I would have cried when she read the card. The picture of you two together is wonderful. they just keep growing up so fast, its so hard to believe they were little not too long ago.

Hannah said...

That is so sweet! I would have cried too...I am a bit of a crier.

I can't wait till school is out so you can spend all summer loving on that sweet girl :)